Bitcoin Startup Abra Moves To Launch Mobile Remittance App

18 Jan 2017.

Abra has already launched its application in the Philippines and the United States.

Using Bitcoin as the basis, the company aims to make remittance cheaper and.

The startup and the Abra network is supported by some of the largest.

is a need for more convenient and affordable ways to move money.

1 Jul 2016.


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Bitcoin remittance app from Abra goes live in the US.

This release is the next step in taking Abra global. How does it work? Abra is a digital wallet that allows you to store digital cash on your smartphone.

How to Use AbraDemand for bitcoin is surging in Ghana, Nigeria and Kenya, attracting investment from the cryptocurrency exchange Binance and.

How To Turn Bitcoins Into Paypal Money. This Tuesday, the Bitcoin is expected to undergo a ‘halving’. Will it offer a new opportunity for investors to make a profit? As most generic spam now gets blocked, attackers have turned to more targeted, personalized phishing emails to reel in their. A SURGE in bitcoin prices has seen the cryptocurrency market jump by over

30 Jan 2019.

There is no single smartphone app that allows you to do those things in every.

network for money transfers with crypto was too much for a startup.

That is highly problematic for launching a mobile-to-mobile service.

things like remittances or low-cost microloans are really going to move the needle.

Announced Wednesday, the capital allocation precedes Abra’s integration with the Stellar blockchain. The crypto wallet and.

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24 Oct 2015.

The Abra app will initially be available to registered users in the US and the.

Abra, which works on Bitcoin and crypto currency technologies for.

is setting up a multi-country teller network for money transfer through mobile apps.

Ratan Tata did not buy 50% stake of 17-year-old's start-up, confirms it was.