Bitcoin Unlimited Fork Date

discusses the November 15, 2018 Bitcoin Cash hard fork and subsequent lawsuit ,

Unlimited–worked on separate implementations of Bitcoin Cash, two ways of running the.

the realized gain the date it was split or the original fork date?

Bitcoin Unlimited meant completely removing the block size limit. It also meant that the network would have to hard-fork, which is considered to be a riskier.

How Bitcoin and Ethereum get updated | Programmer explains soft and hard forksUnlike hard forks, soft forks do not split the blockchain network as they simply.

As per BIP 148 proposal, which was released in March 2017, the date of the.

client Bitcoin Unlimited, which sought to carry out a hard fork that would boost the .

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It covers all important dates in the scaling debate.


And they seem to have given up trying for a hard fork block size increase, working towards.

Bitcoin Classic, Bitcoin XT, Bitcoin Unlimited and Segwit2x are all examples of alternative.