Bruce Fenton Elected New Executive Director Of Bitcoin Foundation

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The Bitcoin Foundation has been wrapped up in controversy throughout its entire existence, but the non-profit organization could turn a new leaf with the appointment of Bruce Fenton as the new.

Served as volunteer Executive Director for the largest and oldest industry group in the Bitcoin and blockchain space. The Bitcoin Foundation’s hundreds of members include a who’s who of industry.

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Bruce Fenton, a veteran bitcoin activist, has been elected as the Bitcoin Foundations newest executive director by 5-to 1 vote. He succeeds outgoing executive director Jon Matonis and interim.

Bruce Fenton on the Bitcoin Foundation, Satoshi Roundtable and Scaling20/06/2016  · The Bitcoin Foundation has a new Executive Director. Llew Claasen, managing partner at Newtown Partners, a venture capital firm based in Cape Town, South Africa, will take the reins from outgoing director, Bruce Fenton who has served in that volunteer position since April of 2015. The announcement was made this morning at the Blockchain Training Conference in Toronto.

13/04/2015  · In a vote consisting of five ayes and one abstention, the Bitcoin Foundation has chosen a new Executive Director. On April 13, the Bitcoin Foundation greeted Bruce Fenton as a new Executive Director.

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