Segwit2x Bugs Explained Bitcoin Tech Talk

12 Jul 2017.

As a key deadline approaches, CoinDesk breaks down SegWit2x giving a.

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starts on July 21, with an August 1 deadline for necessary support to avoid issues.

The actively updated Bitcoin Wiki page offers a longer list of those who.

Editor of Bitcoin Tech Talk.

Jiang Zuouer of posted a rather.

interesting analysis of their plan to fund BCH development.

Segwit2x Bugs Explained.

The Segwit2x hard fork was called off a little over a week ago in an email post to the 2x mailing list. Several parties threatened to split the network anyway, and.

Segwit2x Explained31 Oct 2017.

The world's largest bitcoin merchant service provider, Bitpay, has revealed its contingency plans for the upcoming Segwit2x hard fork.