Internet Archive Paying Employees In Bitcoin

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21/11/2017  · The Internet Archive, a non-profit digital library, has added Bitcoin Cash and Zcash as donation possibilities for benefactors. This makes three cryptocurrencies in total that the organization accepts, leading it to become a high-profile proponent of cryptocurrencies. Also read: You Think an $8,000 Bitcoin Price Is Cool? Wait Until We Hit $12,000 in January Expanding Presence as Interest.

03/04/2013  · Bitcoin is becoming a day-to-day currency of the Internet Archive with employees using it as a way to settle small debts, like for dinner. If you want to try it then set up a “thin” bitcoin wallet on your phone or laptop , come to the Internet Archive , convert some money , then go out to lunch, drink beer and celebrate .

21 Oct 2014.

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16/11/2017  · The Internet Archive has proudly experimented with bitcoin including paying some employees with it and encouraging local businesses to experiment as well.

07/05/2013  · He is the 29-year-old CEO of SC5, a Finnish HTML5 software developer that started paying 20 of its full-time employees partially in Bitcoin last October when Bitcoin was valued at $40 USD.

Fans of the Internet Archive can now donate to the digital library in Bitcoins, the nonprofit announced Thursday. In fact, some employees have actually requested to be paid in Bitcoins, according.

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Can You Pay Employees With Cryptocurrency? – Maurice Kenny Show Ep 510 May 2018.

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15 Jan 2019.

This wallet, by the way, has received 357.47245492 BTC during its existence, which is about $2.25 million at the current rate. How does «Archive.

The Internet Archive and Coinbase, too, pay some or all of their employees in bitcoin. But it’s not only tech heads: Tony Vaughn, a small town sheriff from Kentucky, became the first US.

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