I’ve Had It With Coinbase

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27 Sep 2018.

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07/09/2019 · Yes coinbase locked my account, for 2weeks , the only way I was able to withdraw my btc was to switch my btc to Gbp,then into my PayPal to my bank account, then after that coinbase un ristricked my wallet back to normal, and was not even given any.

I've had my email and my coinbase wallet hacked. I've changed my phone number since the hacker. With my new phone number I can't call coinbase. When I do it says they do not recognize my number and hang up on me. I'm ready to drive to SF to withdraw my funds in person. I'd like to set up a meeting to do this. Or create another new email and withdraw my funds into Fiat in my bank. My credit.

I had some bitcoin in my Coinbase account for a while and wanted to sell and withdraw. After seeing the reviews on here I was a bit scared to say the least. However, I sold my bitcoin in seconds and upon withdrawing it, was in my account in about 2 minutes. I do recall the authorisation process was very stringent and a bit of a pain but overall coinbase has been fine for me.

Coinbase runs its own digital currency nodes that communicate with the rest of.

Sorry about the issue you're having with CoinBase, I've had similar and other.

How to Buy IOTA - Part 1 - Transfer Bitcoin from Coinbase to BinanceI've had coinbase for over a year now. Even though I don't use it that much, every time i do use it it's a nightmare. Getting my money out is a joke. Most of the time i end up putting more money back in my account then i have to wait days or weeks to TRY and get my money out again. Coinbase is the biggest reason I don't use bitcoins. Once i get my money out this time good by to this type of.

Coinbase has shite customer service. But they're who you need to wait for. They'll either be able to access the bitcoins and send them back or credit your.

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7 Feb 2018.

So if you've got cash in Coinbase and want to withdraw it, here's what you should try. We've based the following on what Coinbase has told us.

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