What You Could Have Made


25 Mar 2014.

I would have completed my graduation : ('would' is used to express that you do or don't do something due to circumstances and is used in past.

HOLIDAYS this year could be back on the cards after news of a potential "air bridge" deal between the UK and other countries.

He could have studied harder, but he was too lazy and that's why he failed the.

2: We use could have + past participle when we want to make a guess about.

Have you seen this new thing?!’ I asked my housemates excitedly at the beginning of the week. ‘The young people are taking.

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People in England have been enjoying a gradual relaxation of lockdown restrictions following the last government review on 28.

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Children could be asked to take part in something called “bolt-on” sessions, which could see children coming into school.

3 Aug 2018.

In this lesson, you can learn how to use would have, should have and could have . Did you.

Learn what the imaginary past is with 'could have'.

CORONAVIRUS is still causing immense suffering in the UK, with a healthy 13-day-old baby confirmed as one of the youngest.

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23 Mar 2016.

I couldn't have done that to him, he is my best friend after all. Could have is often used with a tone of criticism. You could have just been honest.

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It means that there you had the possibility to do something in the past, but it did not happen. And that meaning fits all your examples: You could have done better .


used for saying that something was possible in the past, even though it did not happen. You.